Snapchat’s latest update lets you send links to friends


Snapchat’s latest update on iOS and Android now lets users do what brands can already do: link a website to your snap. Now your friends just have to swipe up to view whatever you link in Snapchat’s internal browser.

After today’s update, users can just tap a little paperclip icon located in the Vertical Toolkit and type in a link, which sounds a lot like what you can do in Instagram already if you’re a publisher or have a verified account.


Other new features in the update include backdrops, voice filters, and on-demand geofilters. Backdrops allow you to cut a selected area from your snap and put a colorful pattern on it, using the scissors icon. Just like regular Snapchat filters, the selection of backdrops will rotate daily.

Voice filters, previously only available in Snapchat’s AR live filter lenses, allow users to remix their voices after recording a snap, with a variety of character voice filters available. Users can also create their own geofilters now — which will start at $5.99 — in the “On-Demand Geofilters” section in settings.These features are currently unique to Snapchat, but it may be only a matter of time before Instagram copies them, too, as the two platforms are often mirroring each other.

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