How To Overcome Facebook Live Fear?

I'm pretty sure that at least once in your life you thought about going live on Facebook, and then you didn't do it. Right? What is stopping you from going live? And precisely, what is stopping marketers from going live?

Two things stop marketers from going live: “the fear and the gear” Ian Anderson Grey says, the founder Seriously Social, a blog focused on social media tools. But Ian believes fear is what really gets in people’s way.

People are afraid they’ll say something silly or wrong. They might be worried their cat will jump on the keyboard, the webcam will fall over, and it will be a complete disaster. Or maybe they’re afraid others will think they’re a fraud.

Marketers also have issues with technology. People think they can’t go live because they don’t have this webcam, that phone, or a decent lighting setup. Those are excuses for people who are simply scared of getting on camera and communicating their message.

Everyone gets nervous, explains Ian, who’s trained as a professional singer. He feels it too. The key is to channel your nervous energy into your performance.


If you feel nervous or scared, Ian says, it’s a good thing. It shows you care. The best performance Ian ever gave was when he was absolutely petrified before he went on stage. The worst performance was when he was entirely complacent. He thought the performance would be absolutely fine, and it turned out to be a disaster.

To help you overcome that fear, Ian recommends warming up your voice before each broadcast. Exercise the lower part of your voice up to the high part of your voice. These exercises will likely make you feel a bit more at ease.

Also, when you warm up, using the high and low parts makes your voice more engaging. By using your vocal range, you’re not trying to become a different person. You’re heightening your personality by putting more energy behind it.

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